If amethyst is your birthstone or if you just love it’s color like me, you are in good company; throughout history amethyst has been a stone of royalty. Adorning kings, queens and high priests, it was once considered more valuable than diamonds.

Queen Mary of the England wearing her Amethyst parure.

Legend has it that this purple variety of quartz was created by the Greek God of wine, Dionysius. In anger, he had unleashed furious tigers on a beautiful young maiden named Amethyst. Before the tigers attacked, he transformed Amethyst into a statue of pure white quartz to protect her. Feeling remorse for his drunken behavior and bad decisions, Dionysius poured out his goblet of wine on the statue. Poor Amethyst probably wasn’t thrilled, but these things happened in ancient Greece. She became a beautiful violet-purple statue with a gemstone named after her. It is believed that Amethyst has the power to protect its wearer against the negative effects of alcohol.

The Duchess of Windsor’s amethyst bib necklace, designed by Cartier.

On rare occasions, amethyst and citrine(another variety of quartz), appear together in the same crystal. This fascinating gemstone is known as Ametrine, and is often used for one of a kind designer cuts.

If you would like any more information about this amazing gem, or if you are interested in a special piece of Amethyst/Ametrine jewelry, send me a message. I would be happy to help. You never know, it could protect you from your own bad decisions while celebrating your February birthday!

You can also learn more on your own at:

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