“I am fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on my hands shake.”

-Debra Messing

Famous diamonds throughout history

April’s birthstone has a long, storied history as an object of desire dating as far back as the 4th century BC. Historians believe this is when diamonds first started to be traded in India. Diamonds were found in rivers and streams, coveted by the wealthy classes. They eventually made their way to Europe in trading caravans among other exotic treasures and became popular with the ruling classes.

Up until the late 1800’s, diamonds were predominantly found in alluvial deposits. First discovered in India, then found in Brazil in the early 1700’s. The 1866 discovery of diamonds in South Africa was the beginning of modern diamond mining.

Natural fancy colored diamonds

Most people don’t realize that diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. They are most often colored by trace elements, but natural radiation or certain inclusions within the stone can cause green or black respectively. The rarest of all colors is red, and these diamonds can sell for well over 1 million dollars per carat.

One of the worlds most famous diamonds, the Hope Diamond, is blue. Originally known as the Tavernier Blue, this gem has been bought, sold, stolen, recut, and sold again multiple times. It eventually made it’s way to the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC where it can now be seen among other fantastic gems. It is believed to be cursed because of it’s checkered past, and it also happens to fluoresce blood red under ultraviolet light. If history is any indicator, this diamond’s story is far from over.

Serpenti necklace by BVGARI

For better and for worse, diamonds have played an important part in the history of humanity. They have been symbols of empire and royalty; fortunes have been won and lost because of their beauty. They hold inside them a window to the past and a promise of a future with love everlasting. If you would like to learn more about diamonds, or are interested in a beautiful piece of jewelry to commemorate a special occasion in your life, I’m at your service. Your own diamond journey can start right here. ❤

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